Why use Facebook Notes?

Facebook Notes are used for marketing purposes.  According to Facebook Terms of Use, Facebook Profiles should not be used with the objective to sell or market a product; however, you can create Facebook Notes on you Facebook Business Page (AKA Facebook Fan Page).

When the Facebook Notes feature was originally introduced in 2006 it was plain text based and required a knowledge of HTML to format the text or add hyperlinks. Over the years, however, Facebook Notes has evolved to have a user friendly, graphical interface similar to other blogging platforms, like WordPress and Medium. You can now easily add and re-size images, format text, add lists, and insert hyper links. 

Why Use Facebook Notes?

If you already have a blog that you post to consistently, you may be tempted to dismiss Facebook Notes for business marketing, but they have their advantages.

Use Facebook Notes for User Engagement

When someone shares your Facebook Note, it shows up in their mini feed, allowing you to reach users that would have otherwise never seen your content. It also gives you an opportunity to get in front of the eyes of some of your own Facebook followers who may not be subscribed to, or regularly visit your blog.

Facebook Notes Increases Your SEO Power

For me, the biggest reason to use Facebook Notes is for the SEO benefits. Facebook is the number 2 most visited site on the internet, topped only by Google. This makes Facebook an extremely strong authority site in Google’s eyes – giving Facebook Notes a huge boost in Google rank. Publishing content on Facebook Notes gives you a much higher chance of showing up in Google searches.

Send More Traffic to Your Blog with Facebook Notes

The more you consistently publish quality content through Facebook Notes, the more traffic you will begin to receive, not only from your Notes showing up on Google search, but from ranking on Facebook searches as well. 

By using links in your content, you can send your Facebook Notes visitors back to your blog, gaining new readers, re-engaging old readers, and ultimately gaining more conversions to your product or service.

Facebook Notes and Duplicate Content

Many people have heard of duplicate content penalties from Google that negatively affect your SEO ranking. While there certainly is truth to this, Google is not as vicious towards duplicate content as you may have been lead to believe. However, they way Google handles duplicate content may affect how you decide to use Facebook Notes.

One scenario where this would become an important consideration in your strategy is if you are considering publishing your blog posts to Facebook Notes (using the same content you have on your blog).

With Facebook being such an authority site due to its extremely high traffic, your Facebook Note will probably have a better chance to be displayed in Google’s search results than your blog post with the same content – even if the blog post was published first.

This does not mean that Google will mark your site as spam and penalize you for duplicate content. It’s simply about displaying the results in the most relevant way for higher search quality.

Just remember to link back to your blog post to notify readers and Google where it comes from.

Getting Started with Facebook Notes

To create a new Facebook Note go to your page and look in the left column menu under your profile image. Down towards the bottom you will see the “Notes” option.

Look for the “+ Add Note” button just under your timeline picture and to the right. Click that, enter your title, then start creating some awesome content!

Happy note writing! Remember to use images that convey what you are marketing or invoke “pain or pleasure,” by illustrating your prospects situation without your product or service, and the benefits they will experience by doing business with you.

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