Why Don’t my Changes Show on Google Right Away?

During a Search Engine Optiomization (SEO) training session my client asked me why the changes she had made to her website were not affecting her search listing results or ranking.

Why Don't my Changes Show on Google Right Away?

My client had followed some of my SEO advice from a training session a few days earlier, but her position in the search results remained the same. I explained to her that it takes time for SEO changes to be reflected in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Optimizing your web pages and blog posts for search engines is an essential piece of building your online platform that any entrepreneur can benefit from. But in this day of instant gratification, you may be surprised when you don’t see your SEO changes reflected in Google’s search results immediately. 

Have you ever made SEO changes to the title or description of a page or post that you rank for, only to see the old version displayed when you search Google?

Have you made on-page SEO improvements only to find your website ranking in the same position the next day?

Why aren’t your SEO changes working?

To answer that question let’s take a look at how Google’s search results are delivered…

Google’s Secret to Instant Search Results – The Search Index

When you search Google for a keyword or phrase Google displays a list of sites almost instantaneously. How can Google search those millions of pages and display them for you so quickly?

What is really happening is that Google is displaying search results from a stored index of sites that they have visited and indexed in their database for speedy display.

Google creates this index from stored data it gathers from virtual “Web crawlers” or “bots” it sends out to visit, analyze, and store data from hundreds of millions of websites.

The search results you see could be days, or even weeks old. Any changes that have happened since Google’s last visit to each site won’t show up in the search results until they send their search bots back to that website. When the Google bots find new or updated content, Google’s search index is updated with the new information, and the website’s ranking is updated as accordingly.

What Does Google’s Index Delay Mean for Me?

When you make SEO optimizations to your website, not only will your ranking stay relatively the same until Google comes back to re-index, but any changes you’ve made to the title and description will not show up in the search results until the index is updated.

The frequency that Google comes back to your site varies and is greatly impacted by how often you update existing content or publish new content.

The more quality, relevant content you’re putting out, the more often Google will come back to look for changes and fresh content. That means any changes you make, or new content you put out, will show up in the Google index more quickly.

Can I make Google Index My Site Faster?

The number one way to make sure your website or blog receives frequent visits from the Google bots is to consistently publish fresh, relevant content for your readers.

With that said, there are ways to notify Google and other search engines of new or updated posts and pages, although it doesn’t guarantee that Google will come back sooner.

You can go to Pingomatic.com to submit the URL of the new or updated content and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the title of the post or page you wish to ping in the “Blog Name” field.
  2. Paste in the URL of the content in the “Blog Home Page” fiel.
  3. Skip the “RSS URL” field.
  4. Check all the “Common Services.”
  5. Click on “Send Pings” to notify all those services that you have new/updated content.

That will notify Google and many other search and news services that you have published new or updated content. Remember that it is ultimately up to each service when they come back to re-index your site. The best way to ensure frequent visits from

While tools are useful, remember that there is no short cut to high Google ranking. The best way to get your content ranked high on Google is to create content that your audience will love and share.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your Google rankings check out my SEO training.

Now go write something that will help solve a problem, teach something new, and make the web a better place!

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