What is Alexa Ranking and Why Does It Matter?

One of the main ways we stand out from other web development firms is the fact that we are strategy based. We don’t just work on the technical aspect of the websites or focus on making beautiful web pages. We also make sure your website and blog are functional and designed to help you get you the maximum return on your investment.

Your website, your blog, your web presence, are marketing tools, tactics, and techniques, and as such, they require a competitive analysis. One of the metrics we include in our competitive reports is your competitors’ Alexa Ranking.

Some of our clients usually ask: What is Alexa Ranking and Why Does It Matter To Me and My Business? In other words: How Does My Alexa Ranking Make Me Money?

What is Alexa?

Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based company that was founded independently in 1996, and later acquired by Amazon in 1999.

Alexa.com provides traffic data, global rankings, and other information on 30 million websites.

The Alexa toolbar collects data based on browsing behavior and then passes it on to the Alexa website, where the data is stored and analyzed for ranking, which starts by calculating the reach and number of page views for all the sites on the Web on a daily basis, and over a period of three months.

How Alexa Ranking Works

When you visit Alexa.com, download and install the Alexa toolbar, you can search for your website ranking at a global level, as well as the country where the website is based. It will also show sites that your visitors have browsed and are linked in some way to the site being ranked.

5 Reason To Pay Attention To Your Alexa Ranking

  1. Alexa Traffic is a great competitive intelligence tool to measure the results of your web presence marketing efforts in comparison with that of your competitors’.
  2. In contrast to Google’s PageRank, the lower your ranking number, the better you are doing with Alexa.com. If you make it to the top 100,000, it is a sign that your site enjoys a great deal of traffic.
  3. Your Alexa Ranking helps brands and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your blog or website. If you are looking to work with these agencies, it will be beneficial to have a high Alexa Ranking.
  4. Alexa.com does not discriminate personal pages or blogs, as all types of websites are taken into consideration.
  5. Alexa ranking offers a great deal of useful information and stats, which makes it helpful for search engine optimization and overall function measurement.

Here are 3 ideas to start improving your Alexa Ranking

  • As usual, write relevant, educational, original content, and promote it on forums, social networking sites and groups.
  • Ask all your web savvy friends to download and install the Alexa toolbar and then visit your website.
  • Include your website URL on your e-mail signature, on your social media profiles, and when you comment on other blogs, so that more people visit your site.

While it’s true that not everybody has installed the Alexa toolbar, and that the overall traffic is calculated for the top-level domain only (this means that sub-domains are not ranked separately, and neither are sub-pages within a domain), we encourage you to boost your Alexa Ranking so you can attract targeted leads to your website and for blog monetization.

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