Learning About Ocean Life at the Moody Gardens Aquarium

Although I’ve lived in Texas most of my life, I was born in Oregon and visited with relatives there for a few summers throughout my childhood. One of my favorite memories of those times were our trips to the beach and getting to see all the incredible ocean life in the tide pools.

Now I have kids of my own who share my love of the ocean and its animals, so we were very excited to discover the Moody Gardens aquarium in Galveston, Tx.The Aquarium at Moody  Gardens

Elayna, my wife, homeschools all three of our girls and is always finding educational adventures for them to go on. This is just one of the many ways she cultivates a love of learning in our girls.

Penguins at The Moody Garden Aquarium

The highlight of our visit to the 1.5 million gallon Moody Gardens Aquarium was our penguin encounter where we met a small Macaroni penguin with full-size personality.

He was quite a showman, throwing his head back and letting out a loud call several times, letting us know that we were in his territory! He made sure we knew who the boss was, but he was friendly too, as we found out when he waddled over to our 4-year-old to investigate. 

Macroni Penguin at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens - Territory call

Penguins are an ocean life favorite in our family, so although there were many more attractions to see we spent the majority of our time first interacting with and learning about the different varieties of penguins.

There are dozens of penguins to watch and interact with, plus many plaques filled with fun facts and information about the different species of penguins.

Penguins at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens

When you can’t make it to the Moody Gardens Aquarium, you can still see what the penguins are up to on the Penguin Webcam!

Jellyfish – My Favorite!

One ocean creature that I couldn’t leave Moody Gardens without seeing is my personal favorite, the Jellyfish. While at the moon jelly tank we learned from one of the staff members that the distinctive 4 horseshoe shapes visible through the moon jelly’s body are its sex organs.

Moon Jelly at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens

There are “mutations” of the moon jelly that cause some to have 3, 5, 6, or even 7 sex organs instead of the more common 4. It was a fun challenge to search for the mutants in the swarm of moon jellys. 

Moon Jelly tank - The Aquarium at Moody Gardens

There are so many incredible experiences at the Moody Gardens aquarium that it’s difficult to choose a favorite – besides the jellyfish, which are always my favorite! But if I had to choose just one, it would be the walk-through aquarium.

Moody Gardens Walk Through Aquarium Tunnel

This massive saltwater aquarium has a transparent tunnel running through it that transports you to another world as you are surrounded by deep-sea ocean life; like scuba diving without the gear, licensing, and expenses! 

Coral reef and fish at the Moody Gardens Aquarium

Another thing I love about Moody Gardens aquarium is that since it is indoors you can enjoy making family memories with all the fantastic sea creatures any time of the year, rain or shine! 

The Moody Gardens aquarium is just one of so many reasons to love Galveston.

Start planning your next family trip today and get ready to love Galveston!

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