Degradable material blowing machine

Degradable material blowing film machine Applicable raw materials such as PLA, PBAT, corn starch, calcium carbonate, bio-based and other degradable materials. Used in the production of vest bags, garbage bags. Advantages Fully degradable, degradable, and pollution-free.

Model DB-55-900 type DB-60-1100 type
Screw diameter Ф55 Ф60
Length to diameter ratio 30:1 30:1
Film folding diameter 800 1000
Thickness of one side of the film 0.015-0.15mm 0.015-0.15mm
Production output Bio-based 30-40 kg/hour
PLA 50-70 kg/hour
PBAT 30-50 kg/hour
Bio-based 30-50 kg/hour
PLA 50-80 kg/hour
PBAT 30-60 kg/hour
Host power 22 30
Heating power 13 19
Dimensions 5200×2300×4800 6500×2500×5400
machine weight 2.5T 3T

Optional device:
Drying barrel (automatic drying of raw materials)
Mick weight (control gram weight)
Suction machine (automatic suction)
Corona treatment machine (surface electrostatic treatment)
Rotating die head (better product uniformity)
Pneumatic shaft (more convenient for loading and unloading)
Color masterbatch machine (add color masterbatch more evenly)
Double winding (used to produce sheet film)

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