Horizontal Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine

Product ID:ZWQ
Sort:Divide-pieces machine series
Name:ZWQSeries Horizontal Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine
ZWQ-1200 Series Horizontal Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine
Application: Special design for B OPP, PE,PET paper in roll slitting and rewinding

Performance and Features:
1、Chain type material loading, unwinding with EPC device
2、Unwinding/rewinding shaft can be taken off completely, easier operation
3、Automatic meter counting and meter number setting for automatic stop
4、Air inflatable shaft for unwinding/rewinding
5、Automatic blowing rim charge conveying device
6、Disk knife device for slitting

Across membrane chart:

Technical Data

Type ZWQ-1200
Mechanical speed 5~200m/min
Diameter of unwinding 650mm
Width of unwinding roll 1200mm
Width of final roll 30~1200mm
Diameter of rewinding roll φ400mm
Tension control magnetic powder brake
Total Power 8Kw
Weight of Machine 3500kg
Overall Dimension 3200×2100×1600mm

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