Surface-rolling Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine

Product ID:BFQ Sort:Divide-pieces machine series Name:BFQ Series Surface-rolling Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine BFQ Series Surface-rolling Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine Application: This machine is suitable for slitting such packing materials as BOPP, OPP, PET, and PE, etc. especially having even better effect when slitting strings for garbage bag. Technical

Main Technical Variables:

Type BFQ-600 BFQ-800 BFQ-1000
Max. Width of Mother Roll 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Max. Diameter of Mother Roll ф600mm ф600mm ф600mm
Width of Final Roll 20~600mm 20~800mm 20~1000mm
Slitting and Rewinding Speed 5~120m/min 5~120m/min 5~120m/min
Tolerance of EPC <±0.5mm <±0.5mm <±0.5mm
Total Power 2.2Kw 3 Kw 3 Kw
Weight of Machine 1200kg 1400 kg 1600 kg
Overall Dimension 1900×1000×1300mm 2300×1000×1300mm 2500×1000×1300mm

Performance and Features:
1. The main motor adopts imported variable frequency speed regulating.
2. Unwinding adopts magnetic powder brake tension and automatic deviation-rectifying.
3. Automatic meter counting and meter number setting for automatic stop.
4. Double air inflatable unwinding shaft can replace material quickly.
5. Material rolling adopts dead-weight type surface rolling.

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