Film blowing machine before starting preparations and precautions

Film blowing machine before starting preparations and precautions:
1, check whether the work required to install the unit is installed, check the bolts fastening good.
2, inspection and processing good gear box, air compressor the oil, check the lubrication of mechanical drive components.

3, the power supply, electrical parts inspection, all parts should be safe ground.

4, the barrel is not filled with plastic, filled with plastic and the temperature below the requirements, prohibition start.

5, check the material can not have foreign body, raw materials may not have iron or other undesirable material mixed.

6, the material requirements should be dry, otherwise it should be pre-dried.

7, check the unit heating system and temperature measurement system intact.

8, the boot process, should leave nothing to prevent local overheating of materials out of burns, to prevent the belt and stabbed mixing tube, to prevent hair and clothing were coiling into it.

Normal driving steps:

1, the heating extruder body, head, die, the temperature control points within the index.

2, after such a long time to stop driving, all indicators point temperature of the heating temperature range of 10-30 minutes after the need, such as parking and a half hour drive, no thermostat.

3, start the air compressor, storage cylinder pressure 6-8kg/cm spare time to stop.

4, according to the diameter of film thickness requirements for processing capacity of the extruder, to estimate the speed traction and stability of bubble diameter.

5-point temperature of the target to meet the requirements, wear good protective clothing, boot sequence tractor, blowers, extruders.

6, mouth of the mold material uniform, they can wear gloves, slowly pulling the tube, while the tube ends closed, micro-entered the gas control valve, so that a small amount from the mandrel center hole blown into the air, and then carefully lead over stable foam frame, the word board, and penetration of traction rollers, guide rollers until the take-up.

7, check throughout the film thickness, width, and be adjusted so as to achieve requirements.
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