Shaped bag making machine movements

According to the plastic bag trend analysis, currently on a global scale, the most common are rectangular polyethylene bags and polypropylene bags, a huge number of such bags for packaging a wide variety of products, but there is a little known but very interesting market segment, that is shaped bags market.
Market shaped bags: bag in the opposite sex, the most popular is tapered bags, for packing flowers and potted plants. Cone bags protect the role of flowers, through the fine print on the bag can be decorated to enhance product appeal, and easier to transport flowers and plants. These products are generally sold in large supermarket. Typically, the flowers and potted plants are the automatic packaging, therefore, pre-cut hems and hanging hole to put the bag you need to tidy Diego.
Shaped bags and bags of common What is the difference, the most important difference lies in the different bag-making machine. Shaped bag making machine, mainly in three aspects different from the conventional bag-making machine: First, the sealing head completely different; second, palletizing system must be compatible with the shape of the bag; Finally, most will have irregular shapes waste in the production line must be separated from the bag.
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