Alice sealing bags making machine processing

Many customers used the bag making machine bag making machine sealing may encounter the problem, and that after sealing the bag when the bag-making machine warping how should I do? It is actually quite simple.
Bag making machine sealing reasons: (1) composite film thickness is inconsistent; (2) sealing or heat sealing temperature is too high for too long; (3) in the longitudinal sealing knife part of the composite membrane trajectory is not straight; (4) cooling is not sufficient; (5) curing time is not enough; (6) film substrate surface heat resistance is poor; (7) during the composite substrate composite tension match properly controlled, leading to aging stereotypes may still have residual stress, especially when the composite thin film thickness is more prone to such failures.
Measures taken in response: (1) adjusting the tension of the floating roller; (2) use a low temperature heat sealing of the sealed substrate; (3) the heat sealing temperature adjusted to the appropriate temperature; (4) adequate cooling; (5) full for ripening; (6) re-select the surface substrate film;. (7) to adjust the various parts of composite processing equipment, the tension, as magnitude and angle of the two composite substrate retraction rate are equal.
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