Cold, the difference between cutting Bag-making Machine

Bag making machine in the cold means cold cutting bag making machine, however hot it is eagerly making machine. Among the many making machine, cold cutting bag making machine, bag making machine, computer bag machine is one of several commonly used machinery.
Cold, hot bag making machine what is the difference?
Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine: The machine to HDPE, LDPE film as raw material to produce the printing cylinder, character, vest bags, using PLC control, double servo (step) motor fixed length, LCD touch-screen real time display, from feeding, back cover, cut off , blurted, to complete a one-time delivery, high automation, good economic returns.
1 bag automatic counting, automatic alarm.
2, electro-optical eye tracking accuracy, bag error when the machine automatically shut down more than four.
3, the bag length from the button control.
Bag making machine: This machine is suitable for LDPE, HDPE and other plastic film sealing and cutting, character bags, color bags. Design novel filled with cutting device, made ??of special steel eager knife, sharp and never wear, easy to adjust sealing pressure, sealing and cutting the overall device can be flipped 180 degrees for easy cleaning and replacement of tape. Imports of high-performance motor with variable frequency electromagnetic clutch, brake, so that the machine to high-speed, energy saving, durable. Seal and earnest synchronization, entirely without tension, the back cover securely. Printing location is not accurate when the machine automatically shut down, the film feed is imported photoelectric control, and control devices, bag accurately.
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