Bag-making machine during the operation appeared poor seal strength solution

Bag-making machine during the operation appeared poor seal strength, we generally will take the following measures to correspond to:
1 to promote the adhesive hardened by heat aging and improve the composite film composite strength and heat resistance.
2 composite films based on the composition of the structure, sealing the state seal and other conditions or selection of the best ways to improve sealing, heat sealing immediately after cooling.
3 Check the sealing layer of film preservation period and storage conditions, if the heat sealing layer using the old batch of films and film through the sealing process should pay special attention.
4 to increase the thickness of sealing layer film.
5 to change the type of sealing layer film and grade, using a sealed anti-pollution level of the sealing film.
6 checks whether the grade adhesives to meet the requirements.
7 together to improve the performance of the heat sealing layer, control the levels of slip agent, using mLLDPE film.
8 control the adhesive binder in the MDI monomer content.
9 Check the thermal cover levels of treatment.

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