Bag machine equipment, trends and automation needs

Bag making machine equipment applications related to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and many people's livelihood, major industries, meeting our food supplies behind the huge bag making machine packaging machine market. According to the China bag making machine and packaging machinery industry association predicts that by 2010, domestic food and packaging industries making machine industry, the value of the total will reach 130 billion yuan, while the market demand may reach 200 billion yuan. Bag-making machine as a flexible packaging equipment, has huge market potential and good hair exhibition space.
It is understood that China's flexible packaging equipment manufacturing only 20 years of history, which is based on the introduction of foreign equipment, through digestion and absorption, only from the initial production of 400 mm wide, only 20 meters per minute speed of the satellite press , dry laminating machine, etc., to the present is capable of producing speeds of 150 m / minute, width 1000 mm below the intaglio printing press, Dry laminating machines and all kinds of every sub-segment of more than 100 automatic bag-making machine,
flexible packaging industry for the domestic development of the effect that equipment.

At present, flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry has been with the scale of the formation of the eastern region of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Haining region, Xi'an, Shaanxi, and several other large-scale production of flexible packaging equipment base. China bag manufacturer in the past mainly in the production of narrow-based automatic bag-making machine, equipment, mostly imported foreign equipment in Japan. In recent years, with demand growth, but also a lot of other places in Japan to introduce a large number of imported equipment.
This means that we exist between advanced countries with a larger gap.

Thus, in the Eleventh Five-Year period, China's equipment manufacturing industry on the domestic flexible packaging made to improve the level of technology and equipment requirements, with emphasis on efficient, high-speed, precision, automation equipment, the development of advanced technologies put forward new requirements to reduce
technology gap between domestic and international, flexible packaging equipment to make flexible equipment power to a power forward.
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