Bag machine operator Frequently Asked Questions

     1, incomplete sealing bag making machine leaks or deterioration caused by the contents of how to do?
     Reasons: anti-pollution film sealing of the poor, mainly within the sealing layer of resin used in inappropriate.

     Solution: use of anti-pollution and good sealing film. In general, LDPE heat sealing with moderate anti-pollution, EVA in the VA content is large with good sealing of the anti-pollution, LDPE also has good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resins and metallocene polymers are with excellent sealing of the anti-pollution.

      2, bag making machine sealing crisp and brittle how to do?

     Reasons: (1) heat sealing temperature is too high; (2) the pressure is too large; (3) sealing time is too long; (4) the upper edge of sealing device is too sharp or damage to the Teflon-coated; (5 ) at the bottom of the silicone rubber sealing excellent; (6) in the composite and the aging process, part of the adhesive film into the internal. Substrate due to the penetration of adhesive impact toughness (impact resistance) decreased, increased brittleness; (7) cooling and placed in plastic 复合包装袋, the heat seal strength has increased, but also tend to brittle.

     Responses: (1) According to the material within the seal coat sealing properties, select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time; (2) to improve the state of the upper surface of sealing knife, smooth the surface of the seal; (3) to gather PTFE-coated fabric intact; (4) select the appropriate hardness of the silicone rubber pad.
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