Automatic Non-woven bag machine features

Automatic Non-woven bag machine features:

Computer control, step motor feeding, photoelectric tracking, automatic correcting, pneumatic drilling, Host Frequency Control, automatic counting alarms, piping and other industrial ultrasonic device to produce the finished sealed solid line, tangent beautiful. High efficiency, you can rest assured that the use of high-quality environmentally-friendly equipment bag. (Non-woven material 3-4 months in the sun biodegradable)

Automatic Non-woven bag machine main technical parameters:

Model 550 bags of 550 square vest pocket

Maximum bag length 600mm 600mm

Maximum bag width 320mm 520mm

Maximum Speed ??bag 20-60pcs/min 20-60pcs/min

Bag thickness of 30-60g 20-80g

Total power 11kw 11kw

Weight 2000g 3000kg

Dimensions 11000x1100x23mm (automatic) 8000x1100x2300mm

11000x1100x23mm (semi) 6000x2000x1600mm
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