Non-woven bag making machine ultrasonic bonding technique

The main components of ultrasonic horn generator, power supply and transformer. Horn also known as the first radiation, ultrasonic bonding equipment, mainly by the ultrasonic generator and roller components. Sound waves can be gathered into a single plane; roller, also known as Anvil, gathered from the ultrasonic generator clarion call for the release into the heat. Bond information was placed in the ultrasonic generator, "horn" between the roller and continuous operation, low static power under the bonded together. Frequency converter will convert the high-frequency electrical energy, then convert electrical energy into ultrasonic oscillator, and finally converted into vibrational energy by an amplification system (booster) amplification of the vibration can be conveyed to the horn, acoustic instruments to be bonded immediately with the information contact. Zhexie Chao audible frequency result in data between molecules of mechanical pressure, the release off heat, Pohuai 资料 combination of molecules, adhesion Dian cause material on the melt, and then Jixieyali Qiang two or more layers of material bonded together.

Ultrasonic technology in the textile industry for processing from the initial mattress and bedspread, woven bag machine automatic contrast to the traditional cable needle stitching. Large-scale application is now non-woven industry. Ultrasonic energy is mechanical vibration energy, 18000Hz frequency beyond human hearing range, the extended reading: non-woven bag making machine, circular loom, four-column hydraulic machine, gravure printing machine, slotting machine, air cooler has a wide range of wavelengths range to choose from. When used in bonding thermoplastic materials, such as non-woven adhesive, commonly used frequency is 20000Hz

The use of ultrasonic bonding, needle-free, province enchant line processes, there is no radical break connector is in the suture line, but also of non-woven fabrics for the local clean cut and seal. Work fast, do not seal the edge of the crack, not to hurt the fabric edge, and no flash, curling phenomenon. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic bonding effectively prevents fiber degradation caused by thermal bonding, adhesive layer porosity of the material affect the quality and impact of the liquid after the receipt of such issues cause delamination.
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