Non-woven bag machine

Non-woven bag making machine is sent to the powder feeder solid phase (gel or liquid) to the packaging machine at the top of the material non-woven bags production process inside the bucket, the introduction of speed control by the optical positioning device, the seal rolls port of paper (or other packaging materials) led by the introduction to the guide roll lapel shaper, were bent and then sealed by a vertical cylinder-shaped device into the lap, after the filling material to be measured automatically made ??bag, horizontal sealing device during the heat-sealing bags while cutting down the tube intermittently pulling the final lap to form three sides of the longitudinal seam sealing flat bag, a bag to complete the seal. For the production of a variety of uses and characteristics of plastic - plastic, paper - plastic composite materials that have been. Features: 1, the machine uses imported PLC, man-machine interface, centralized control. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Interface in English and can be switched with each other. 2, all parameters are man-machine interface, real-time display can be preset speed bag, bag length, temperature and large, counting, transportation and other finished products. 3, LPC auto-correction, double-discharge optical tracking, automatic constant tension control auto-feed AC inverter. 4, import drag dual servo feed control. 5, the upper and lower explosion-proof seal-voltage AC motor drive. 6, temperature using PID regulator, 0 ~ 300 ℃ adjustable, non-contact automatic control, centralized configuration man-machine interface. 7, the temperature controlled by a centralized computer. 8, pneumatic multi-functional automatic punching, while automatic removal of material collected, with a static eliminator. 9, work: fixed-length bag, optical tracking bag 10, punching way: you can set a continuous, interval, stop pressing time can be pre-11, multiple conveyances: twice to send one to six times. 12, batch send function: table with batch send function, batch number can be preset to send.

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