Bag making machine uses

Bag making machine uses
For the production of plastic - plastic, paper - plastic composite materials that have been.
1, the machine adopts imported PLC, man-machine interface, centralized control. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Interface in English and can be switched with each other. 2, all parameters are man-machine interface, real-time display can be preset speed bag, bag length, temperature, counting, transportation and other finished products.
3, LPC auto-correction, double-discharge optical tracking, automatic constant tension control auto-feed AC inverter.
4, import drag dual servo feed control.
5, the upper and lower seal-voltage AC inverter motor drive.
6, temperature using PID regulator, 0 ~ 300 ℃ adjustable, non-contact automatic control, centralized configuration man-machine interface.
7, the temperature controlled by a centralized computer.
8, pneumatic multi-functional automatic punching, while automatic removal of material collected, with a static eliminator.
9, work: fixed-length bag, optical tracking bag
10, punching way: you can set a continuous, interval, stop pressing time can be preset
11, multiple conveyances: twice to send one to six times.
12, batch send function: table with batch send function, batch number can be preset to send.
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