Film Blowing Machine Precautions

1, since the transport might break something or thread off electrical components, etc., should be strictly checked to ensure personal safety, authorities must be connected to open ground, then power, then strict check whether all parts of the motor is running properly, and pay attention to whether the leakage phenomenon.
2, the installation should pay attention to adjust the center line of extruder head and traction to maintain horizontal and vertical roll center, shall not depart from skew.
3, when the winding diameter increases as rolling speed and note the traction with rolling speed, please adjust.
4, the host is turned on, pay close attention to the operation of the host, timely adjustment, correction, electrical instrumentation, controls to ensure its proper operation.
5, host gearbox, traction gear box should always refuel, replace the gear oil, use the new machine in about 10 days replacement of gear oil, to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to oil, jam and prevent overheating damage, but also check all parts of the solid tight situation and prevent Luoshuan Song moving.
6, the bubble tube in the amount of compressed air should be maintained, because the traction process, compressed air will leak out, please add.
7, frequent cleaning of the filter head replacement, to prevent clogging, prevent the plastic particles within the mixed iron Shaw, sand, stone and other impurities in the screw barrel to avoid damage.
8, material is strictly prohibited without air motor turn in the barrel, three, dies does not meet the required temperature, you can not start the host.
9, start the main motor, the motor should start to accelerate slowly; off the main motor should slow down and then shut down.
10, preheating, heating should not be too long and too high to prevent material clogging the mouth.
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