Multilayer coextrusion film blowing machine which is divided into several and Benefits

To meet the needs of the production process for plastic film packaging material some special features, the various properties of the material (such as breathable, waterproof, insulation, toughness, etc.) and co-extrusion blown film together to form a multi-functional plastic film, the development of more layer co-extrusion blown film machine. The purpose of multilayer coextrusion film blowing machine is to play the advantages of a variety of materials, to avoid some of the shortcomings of a single material or a monolayer blown film machines.
Such as PP, PE co-extrusion blown film machine, is the use of high hardness characteristics of big PP and PE material brightness features combine to produce two feature films combined.
Multilayer coextrusion film blowing machine is also divided into the following types, such as coextrusion machine, five seven co-extruded blown film co-extrusion blown film machine, etc. that belong to such products:
Coextrusion machine
Thin layer co-extrusion blown production line using new efficient energy consumption extrusion unit, within IBC bubble cooling system, traction system ± 360 ° rotation on the horizontal, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic winding and film tension control, the computer screen automatically control systems and other advanced technologies. Compared with similar devices, with higher yields, better products, plastics, low power consumption, easy operation advantages solve flounced and rewinding the film first class size issue, so that product quality to a new level. Produce the film with high transparency, puncture resistance, high toughness, low fervent resistance, good fastness, anti-curling sex. This film is good because of its barrier, preservation, moisture, frost, oxygen barrier, oil, and can be widely used in light and heavy packaging. Such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, drink, medicine and other supplies.
Five co-extruded blown film machine
Five co-extruded blown film crew, mainly suitable for HDPE, MHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, PA, EVOH resins such as gas barrier properties, mainly used for the production of the film re-packaging, high-grade food bags, vacuum bags, liquid bags and other packaging materials, to Paul Hong, preservation, preservation, airtight packaging to extend the shelf life of purpose.
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