Debon blowing machine highly relevant issues introduced

Debon blowing machine height is determined based on the film width to design high, one meter of blowing machine with rotary die if you do not, the height should be around 4 meters, if the increase in the rotating grinding wheel, the height should be coupled with a high 0.4 m - -0.5 m. If it is blown HDPE calculated in accordance with the permitted height above 9.5%.
The only solution is to dig down to the ground, on the bottom floor of the extruder, this approach might save a little construction investment. Or additional open window (to enhance traction auxiliary roof above) there is no other good way in the house.
We can assist you in planning the reform program and provide the necessary equipment.
In fact you can use your outside space to set up another factory installation space of a tractor. Extruders and winders still in the original workshop. I've been to your plant, to understand the situation, should be able to be pushed around. So they do not dig the pit, do not open the transom.
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