Blowing machine routine maintenance work content

Blowing machine routine maintenance work content:
1. Check the temperature-controlled intact, heater parts intact, whether the temperature at various points within the range of indicators
2. Check each run motor current, speed, temperature, precision, noise and mechanical transmission case meets the criteria, check the gearbox oil level and mechanical lubrication.
3. battlefield traction speed, film width, thickness control is accurate.
4. Observe both the uniform film thickness. Fold Path meets the criteria.
5. Observe the film plastics, and found that grain, stiff block, waterlines timely manner.
6. Check the air pressure of the reservoir is operated in compliance with the requirements of the cylinder, clean the oil-water separator
7. Check the control ratio of raw materials, mixed case meets the criteria.
8. periodic calibration die, traction, the midpoint of guide rollers, levelness, balance.
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