Master PE blown film machine works, production of high quality PE film

PE film blowing machine is the majority of manufacturers and system manufacturers are familiar with the film , but many manufacturers but for his works and the little -known film technology , many manufacturers making use of PE PE film blowing machine , always can not grasp technology , blown film instability , obviously selected high quality raw materials PE , PE blown film is always transparency , flexibility, uneven thickness , which are hand- blown process, high and low temperature , wind speed , how much traffic and other factors affected.
PE blown film projects include heating , traction , rolling process , heat is divided into five districts . One , two , three zones of the heating zone ( pre-heating) , the temperature is gradually increased, the temperature control is very important , the material is not easy too low , high temperature easily modified , turned . 80 blown film machine, for example , a lower area about 170 ℃, the higher two districts later. Fourth District (three zones ) as a heating zone , mainly with a filter , you can filter and prevent impurities in raw materials into five districts , transparency PE blown film , smoothness decision is to have the filter , the filter the number of large mesh ( cyberspace is small ) filtered greater detail , making the film more smooth , but the mesh is too small , would cause retention of raw materials. Five areas of the feed zone , this link is essential for temperature and flow need to strictly control the entire heating process to come to a suitable degree of control the situation according to the discharge port , high impact molded films are low , with five areas blowers and accelerate forming a film , while the film opening film thickness non-uniformity required by the membrane head Screws to adjust.
Traction District accessories are playing pump , blowing holes through the membrane aerated head , straight up into the film , the film is used to control the size . Then after a steady film is a " stable film ." Adjust speed host and traction , you can control the thickness of the film ( the host faster speed , feed speed on the fast , film on thick, thinner and vice versa ) this is the most important aspect.
    Master has a PE blown film machine works , we can produce high-quality PE film.
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