Bag making machine cutting system

The cutting system consists of bag making machine cutter length adjustment, beyond the clutch, wire bonding and regulation, and part.
1, the cutter: the most important parts of the system, is the use of the blade and a slide guide, can be adjusted by a spring-loaded floating mechanism, the upper and lower knives. Which set the adjustment screw can be used to adjust the cutter tightness, well to exclude the raw hard to cut phenomenon.
The, Bag length regulator: Bag length adjustment to changes in the connecting rod sets in eccentric pallet position to control the length of the bag, to be adjusted by elastic hand wheel nut Bag size.
Clutch: the plastic clutch is an important part of the machine, its quality, performance, directly affect the error of the length of the product, but in the process, due to the high operating frequency, so its life have limits. If it is found that the length of the bag in the production process errors (typically six months after the continuous production), to the exclusion of other fault still can not be solved, detachable clutch inspection, maintenance.
4, wire bonding and cutting line distance adjustment: bonding wire and wire cutting distance is generally 5-10mm, turning the handwheel adjust rack beams roller to increase or decrease the distance, ideal crop lines. In order to facilitate the observation of the quality of the weld line, the single bottom line machine cutter of wire bonding position is adjusted to the outer end. If the bonding wire and the bottom line is not parallel to a bevel gear fastening screws can loosen, turn the hand wheel to rise or fall on the one end of the beams roller; production is stable, then gear screw locking.
5, welding knife adjustment method: a tissue bearing seat pad, turn the body inside a large hand wheel by hand in the lower dead point, loosen the nut, adjusting nut by hand to try to pull the tissue at both ends of the welding knife pressing the degree until about equalization. The tune Bi, lock nut to prevent loosening.
6, automatic light control feeding device: the device is powered by a servo motor, the feed roller light control cover film, blinds, the photoelectric tracking machine as well as the electric control line constitute its function is to maintain normal production process to send the film. When the machine is running, when film feeding too fast, when cover light control rays, the device will issue instructions to the motor stops rotating feed.

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