Properties and Uses of the film blowing machine antistatic agent

Properties and Uses of the film blowing machine antistatic agent
1, antistatic agents TM, a pale yellow viscous substance, soluble in water, apply to the polyester polyamide article. The amount does not exceed 2%.
2, an antistatic agent Sn, brownish red viscous oily substance, 180 degrees or more biodegradable, dissolved water, acetone, acetic acid, and the like solvents. Blown film machine used for polyethylene chloroacetate, polyester and polyethylene products with the resin, the molded article can increase the conductivity of the surface of the article, to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity. The amount does not exceed 2%.
3, ECH antistatic agents, alkyl amides of non-ionic surface active agent as a pale yellow waxy solid, m.p. 40-44 °, is mainly used for soft, semi-rigid polyethylene chloroacetate film or sheet with a resin, as the increase antistatic agent. Used in an amount of about 3.5%.

The antistatic agents referred to as ASA. Since the volume resistivity of the polymer is generally as high as 1010 to 1020Ω · cm, Yi savings electrostatic and dangerous, and the antistatic agent is based surface active agent, plastic surfaces can be affinity moisture-ionic surface active agent, a conductive effect, static electricity which can leak in a timely manner.
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