Install and use the steps of the film blowing machine

Uniform material, blown film die exit to wear gloves slowly pulling the tube, while the tube ends closed, micro-entered the gas control valve, so that a small amount of compression from the mandrel center hole blownair, and then carefully cited the foam stabilizing frame, the word board, penetration and traction roller, guide roller until the take-up.

2, film blowing machine is heating the extruder body, head, die, control points within temperature indicators

3 to start the air compressor, storage cylinder pressure 6-8kg/cm stop and standby

4, the temperature of indicators to meet the requirements, dressed labor supplies, in order to start the tractor, blowers, extruders.

, Check the entire film thickness, width, and adjust to meet the requirements

Needed constant temperature, film blowing machine for a long time to stop driving, the heating temperature of the target range of 10-30 minutes, such as parking within half an hour by car, without thermostat.

7, according to the diameter of film thickness requirements and the production capacity of the extruder processing to estimate the traction speed and stability of the bubble diameter.
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