Film blowing machine production which types of plastic film

Film blowing machine production which types of plastic film

A biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP)
The biaxially oriented polypropylene film is currently the most widely printed film. General practical thickness of 20 ~ 40μm, the most common to 20μm. Film products, the production process: after the formation of the sheet of polypropylene particles by co-extrusion, two biased by the vertical and horizontal stretch is made.

2, low density polyethylene film (LDPE)
Simple production of low-density polyethylene film. Can be accepted by blow molding or casting the two processes. Blown polyethylene film is made ??by the blow-level PE particles blown by the blow molding machine, lower cost, and therefore the most common. The thickness of the cast polyethylene film is well-proportioned, but costly, rarely used.

3, the polyester film (PET)
Usually polyester film thickness is 12mm, the material is poly (ethylene terephthalate), accepted by the extrusion method into thick slices, and then made ??by the biaxially oriented film material. Polyester film of the cost price is higher, so the use of the outer layer material to do the cooking and packaging, good printability.

Nylon membrane (PA)
Nylon film, nylon raw materials are widely used, sturdy texture, suitable for rigid packaging items, the anti-tensile wear-resistant and durable, used for the daily life of food packaging.

5, cast polypropylene film (CPP)
Divided into ordinary CPP and cooking class CPP cast polypropylene film thickness is usually between 25 ~ 50μm, made ??by the accepted casting process production, usually do the inner material of the composite films, excellent transparency, thickness of symmetry, and aspect to the performance of well-proportioned, usually do the inner material of the composite films, and more for gift packaging.

6, the aluminum film
Types of aluminum film is more commonly used polyester aluminized the (VMPET) and the CPP aluminizer (VMCPP). Instead of the characteristics of both aluminized plastic film of aluminum foil, but also has the characteristics of the metal. Aluminized composite packaging is very common, and more used as a dry puffed food, medicine, cosmetics and other external packaging.
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