Process and works of blown film machine

The role of the film blowing machine is heated to melt the plastic particles and then blowing made ??the film we want. Film blowing machine motor, screw and barrel, die, inverter, v plate, round, flat pulley on the wheel, winding of nine parts. Generally divided into PE film blowing machine, POF film blowing machine, three kinds of PVC film blowing machine, film blowing machine film produced for a variety of high-grade film packaging.
    The production process of film blowing machine is the first join dry particles of polyethylene hopper, then the particle by its own weight from the hopper into the screw when the oblique edge of the screw thread contact, the rotation of the helical flute face of the plastic to produce and oblique shocked face of a vertical thrust, the particle onward. Push due to friction between the plastic and the screw and plastic and barrel, and the collision between the particle friction, and also due to external heating of the barrel leaving the plastic melt. The molten plastic through the nose after filtration to remove impurities from the mold, cooling Inflation finished rolls into a tube.
    Film blowing machine in the course of their work, the drive plays an important role. The frequency converter by regulating motor and traction motor speed to produce different specifications of the products. Now mostly using a three crystal frequency, the energy savings amount.
    In order to meet the needs of some special features of plastic film packaging materials in the production process, we will be the material of the variety of features such as breathable, waterproof, insulation, toughness and other crowded together in the blown film, made ??of multi-functional plastic film, to meet different industry needs.
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