The new transformation of the film blowing machine

The temperature control circuit of the old-fashioned film blowing machine is the thermostat and contactor, due to long-term work in the off state of the frequent power circulation, damage to the contactor is a very high rate, and each thermostat can only control a temperature, resulting in many thermostats are scattered everywhere, the operation is very inconvenient. Control circuit using a relay interlocking, circuit complexity, the difficulty of maintenance, reliability is very low, the other of a series of questions are unable to meet the needs of modern production,

New blown film machine use PLC touch screen and inverter transformation. The new technology uses the method of temperature control module and solid-state relay to control the temperature, to solve the long-term and frequent electrical flow of off the damaged parts. The inverter is the way to solve the problem of mechanical wear is very serious and very energy. The use of the touch screen to the current state of the intuitive understanding of the machine operator to solve a complex operation, training of personnel is difficult. Comprehensive application of the above technologies, high reliability, for device long-term maintenance-free, to solve the difficult to maintain and safeguard the long downtime.

New development, film blowing machine have a greater advantage, greater efficiency.
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