Blown-drawn film how to deal with difficult

Proper use of the film blowing machine
1, check the temperature-controlled well, heating appliances in good condition, pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature at various points within the target range.
2, check the speed traction control film thickness.
3, Watch adjust film thickness uniformity, folding diameter standard.
4, check the air storage cylinder pressure, not too high, but should be back pressure.
5, check and control the mixing ratio of raw materials.
6, check whether the impurities in raw materials, in particular, should be promptly checked with a magnet iron mixed.
7, check the gear box bits and compressor cylinder oil lubrication.
8, regularly check the operation of the motor temperature rise and mechanical transmission.

So why the lead film blowing machine difficult it may be due as follows:

1, the nose temperature too low film blowing machine
2, throughout the thickness of the large difference blown film machine
3, film blowing machine too many impurities in raw materials

Way to solve the difficulties cited film:
1, adjust the temperature of the whole machine
2, adjusting the cooling air flow throughout the mold or die mouth of the gap
3, or raw materials for filters
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