Flexible bag making machine works introduced

Flexible bag making machine is sent to the powder feeder solid phase (gel or liquid) to the packaging machine inside the top of the hopper, the introduction of non-woven bag making machine speed control by the optical positioning device, sealed paper rolls (or other packaging materials) driven by the introduction to the guide roll lapel shaper, were bent by a longitudinal sealing device after lap as cylindrical, non-woven bag making machine automatic measurement of the material is made ??after the filling into the bag, seal transverse control during the heat sealing bags of tube while cutting down the traction intermittently, the last lap to form three sides of the longitudinal seam sealing flat bag, complete a bag sealing.

The sealing body in the same device, auto-complete on the same vertical bag forming, measuring, printing date, filling, sealing, cutting, and output processes, mainly used in packaging material is a heat-sealable plastic film for the single kinds of composite membranes (such as paper - plastic composite, plastic - plastic composite, aluminum - plastic composite, etc.).

Its system uses a small optical encoder for displacement measurement, motion control using microcontroller, ensure vertical and horizontal sealing reliable and smooth, the velocity of wrapping paper can be controlled effectively, especially to ensure the color pattern printed Brand, positioning cutting accuracy.
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