Film Blowing Machine Handling Precautions

1, the device without heating, the heating temperature and time do not meet requirements, may not start rotating extruder and die, otherwise it will damage the equipment.

2, the raw material to open the package to check the wet material, wet material shall not be mixing, drying room must be dried before use.

3, die and mold can only be used when cleaning the mouth to clear the mold copper mouth, not with the blade, iron scratch die mouth, otherwise it will cause mold damage to the mouth.

4, the blow molding machine rollers, including the rubber roller and winding roller, not cross-cut with a blade, otherwise it will result in guide rollers scratch.

5, extruder and corona processor filters filtering and cleaning must be periodically replaced, usually requires 24 hours to 48 hours to replace the filter and the use of alcohol, silicone corona treater roll wash. Filter specifications: 80 mesh for the two-story, three-layer filter 100 purposes.

6, the guide roll corona processor shall not be opened without moving film corona processor, material or shut down once the film off, turn off the corona processor of emergency to avoid corona processor burn.

7, no corona treatment or corona treatment did not reach more than 38 dyne shall not be placed in the finished film, otherwise it would cause a major accident composite quality.
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