5 Ways Explore Horizons is the Best in DFW Tutoring

As parents, one of the biggest joys we have is to see our children learn and to love the process of learning. This is also one of the biggest considerations when selecting a tutoring center. You want your child to get the help they need now, while strengthening their excitement about learning to set them up for success in the future.

Elayna Fernandez, my wife, has taught all of our daughters to be fearless learners and Eliana, our youngest, is certainly no exception.

Eliana has had an insatiable appetite for learning and it’s no coincidence. Her mom has taught her to love learning since she was in the belly.

Even though Elayna keeps Eliana immersed in learning, she just can’t get enough of it and has been dreaming of attending the Explore Horizons Tutoring and Enrichment Center! When we went for the free assessment she and I both loved the experience and the people.

Personal Attention For Each Student

From the moment we walked into Explore Horizons Fort Worth location, the staff was fully present with Eliana and I. When Eliana sat down with her assessor, he was genuinely interested in her and made her feel welcomed and special.

Eliana opened up to him immediately, smiling, laughing, telling jokes, and showing off how she can count to one hundred, which he patiently enjoyed listening to.

The tutors at Explore Horizons are caring and friendly

Because the free assessment helps the tutors see exactly where your child is, Explore Horizons is perfect for anyone. Whether they are ahead of their grade level and want more of a challenge, or if they need additional support to advance in their learning, the curriculum will be perfectly tailored for your child.

Explore Horizons enrichment and tutoring - Help Your Child Think Smarter Not Harder

The best part is that the personal attention does not stop after free assessment. Studies show that academic gains begin when the student to teacher ratios drop below 20:1. At Explore Horizons there will never be a student to teacher ratio greater than 6:1, and much of the time it is even less than that.

Students at Explore Horizons get personal attention from the tutors

While the low student to teacher ratio at Explore Horizons allows each student to receive the one-on-one attention that they need, the staff teaches students to be independent and self-reliant.

Be Part of Their Learning Process

Research shows that there are big benefits when parents are involved in their children’s education. Some of the benefits are:

  • Students achieve more
  • Students exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior
  • Better teacher morale

The Explore Horizons curriculum is designed to let you be part of your child’s learning process every step of the way. After all, no one knows your child better than you! That’s why you will work with a tutor during the initial consultation to design the best learning program for your child.

Each time you pick your child up from a tutoring session you will be given a written and verbal report of what your child worked on and areas in which they can improve.

Additionally, there are regular, one-on-one meetings where you will discuss every aspect of their learning journey. This will allow you to be a part of any changes to the ever evolving curriculum.

Fostering a Love of Learning

One of the greatest things we can cultivate in our children is a love of learning.

We are born with an innate sense of wonder, excitement, and curiosity about the world around us. Just look at any baby, fascinated by their own hand, or craning their neck to find the source of some new, curious sound.

So how do we keep that curiosity and love of learning alive in our children? I can’t say I’m an expert by any means, but I have been (slowly) learning from Elayna, the MASTER at inspiring a desire to learn. She loves people and learning so much that no matter what your age is, you just can’t help but get excited about learning when you’re around her.

A love of people and a love of learning are essential qualities to possess in order to encourage your child – or anyone – to love learning. People can feel when someone truly cares about them and that alone is enough to make them open their heart and become receptive. When you add a genuine love of learning to that, it becomes truly contagious!

Make Learning FUN

Making learning FUN is another important part of cultivating a love of learning in your child, and Elayna certainly knows how to do this one!

Whether she stays local with an art project or a day at Legoland, or takes it on the road with a trip to the Moody Gardens aquarium, or a full on Disney World adventure, she keeps the excitement rolling for our daughters, Elisha, Elyssa, and Eliana. Okay, her and I have tons of fun too!

Another huge way she brings fun into learning is by supporting each of them to explore their particular interests, like art, theater, or creating YouTube videos.

Although Elayna will always be the master of developing Eliana’s love of learning, the tutors at Explore Horizons are certainly experts as well!

Eliana having fun learning on a computer at the Explore Horizons tutoring center

The Explore Horizons tutors excel at making learning fun for the students because they genuinely care about them. The warmth that all of the Explore Horizon staff showed Eliana when she came in for her assessment was impressive.

I am actually inspired by the staff to be more present, engaged, and loving as a father. From interacting with the outstanding tutors who work at Explore Horizons, I can tell that they are very selective about who they hire.

Tutoring That Fits Your Schedule

Life is busy. I don’t think I need to convince any parent of that, and adding something new to your routine can feel daunting.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could squeeze your child’s tutoring in wherever it happens to fit each week? Don’t get me wrong; planning and scheduling is important and healthy for your child, but flexibility is critical as well.

I was happy to find that, just like our Fort Worth tutoring center, all Explore Horizons tutoring and enrichment centers are open 7 days a week as late as 8pm to make it as easy as possible to fit tutoring into your busy schedule.

It gets even better though. They understand that life happens and sometimes schedules just don’t work out. That’s why you can bring your child for their tutoring session any day, at any time, up to twice per week.

If you choose to bring them on the same days and times each week, you certainly may, but you will never have to worry about your child missing their tutoring appointment. Simply come when it works best for you.

Making Tutoring Affordable

Explore Horizons understands the financial responsibilities that parents face, that’s why they offer a $10 discount off the monthly membership fee for EVERY student you refer. Plus, the person you refer will also get $10 off of their monthly membership fee.

Let them know that The Jedi Father (Taylor Bare) sent you to get your first $10 per month off!

They also offers a multi child discount that increases with each additional child.

If your child is eligible for free lunches at school, they may qualify for a scholarship at Explore Horizons.

Convenient Dallas-Fort Worth Tutoring Locations

With six tutoring centers in Dallas-Fort Worth, you won’t be far from one of the Explore Horizons enrichment and tutoring locations.

I am thrilled with our experience at the Alliance Town Center location in Fort Worth, and I am expecting great things for Eliana as she continues her tutoring at Explore Horizons.

The staff has been truly delightful and I am excited to give you an update on Eliana’s progress after our first parent-tutor meeting coming up soon!

Until then, leave a comment below about your biggest success in cultivating a love of learning in your child, then head over to Explore Horizons to schedule your free assessment!

Disclaimer: I received a free Explore Horizons enrollment in exchange for this honest review. All thoughts and views expressed are my own.

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