AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Review – Prepare to be Rocked! [SPOILER FREE]

If I had to sum up Avengers: Infinity War in one word it would be WOW.

This is a spoiler free review of Avengers: Infinity War because everyone deserves to watch Avengers: Infinity War without any spoilers, and #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

#ThanosDemandsYourSilence ©Marvel Studios 2018

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Thanos (Josh Brolin)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

The first thing to know before you see Avengers: Infinity War is that this is not a movie you can be late to! Avengers: Infinity War hits the road full force with intense action from the moment it starts.

You may want to screen Avengers: Infinity War before taking your kid, especially if you have younger children who are still learning to separate movies from reality. There are some very intense scenes and disturbing images. Even if they’ve already been watching the MARVEL Cinematic Universe movies with you it’s always better to make an informed decision. 

Avengers Infinity War - Spiderman on a school bus ©Marvel Studios 2018

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland)..Photo: Chuck Zlotnick..©Marvel Studios 2018


The next thing to know before watching Avengers: Infinity War is that it will be a much richer, enjoyable experience if you are caught up on all of the MCU movies, even if you have to do some binge-watching. Avengers: Infinity War has such a deep and complex background story that has been developed over the last 10 years that you will be missing many complex layers of the story without a solid foundation. If you don’t have time to watch all of the MCU movies preceding Avengers: Infinity War here are the most crucial movies to have seen in order of release date:

If you are missing any of those you will be doing yourself a huge favor to watch them first!

Now that you’re prepared for Avengers: Infinity War I’ll give you my spoiler free review.

Avengers Infinity War spoiler free review - The Jedi Father with all the Avengers

Thanks to my friend Nathan Weinstock for being my AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR screening photographer!

Avengers: Infinity War delivers like a freight train powered by Tony Stark technology stolen from the future with the time infinity stone. In the nearly 3 hours of this film, the action and emotions never stop. Be sure to go to the bathroom before the movie and skip the drinks, because there are no superfluous moments for potty breaks in Avengers: Infinity War!

In classic MARVEL form, Avengers: Infinity War continues the beautiful character development they’ve been creating over the last few years. You will fall more in love with your favorites, be surprised by the depths of personalites hitherto unseen, and definitely laugh with the MARVEL cast humor we’ve come to adore.

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..L to R: Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Lizzie Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..L to R: Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Lizzie Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

The humor is in perfect balance to the heavier elements of Avengers: Infinity War and the lessons about family, loyalty, and sacrifice.

To sum it up, this is MARVEL’s crowning achievement. If you’ve been waiting these past 10 years for this moment, the wait was worth it. You may be shocked, you may be elated, you may be left speechless…

Whatever the cacophony of emotions you are assailed with, you will not be disappointed.

Find a theater that isn’t sold out yet and get tickets for Avengers: Infinity War this weekend.

After watching Avengers: Infinity War remember to say no to spoilers!


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The Jedi Father


The Jedi Father with Captain America at the Avengers: Infinity War screening

Credit for the photography and band-aid idea goes to Nathan Weinstock. I love this picture!